Password Rant

I have run into a general problem with all the subscriptions and job hunting sites and stores online because I cannot remember my passwords. Ideally I’d use the same one for everything, which was the original plan, but sometimes passwords are case specific, and sometimes I have to have more letters in the password than in my standard, all purpose one, and sometimes I have to have a number/letter combo, and needless to say, it’s become a mess. I don’t know why this is troubling me so much, but I think it can be attributed to my obsession of late to make efficient use of my time because there seems to be a deficit between the number of hours one needs per day and the number of hours one actually gets. Bascially, this password debacle has wasted precious minutes, and I’ve been a minute nazi, much like those people in those damn annoying cell phone commercials. The good thing about being in a negative and generally “bleh” state, however, is that eventually, if you don’t get crushed under the weight of pressing responsibility, the life-is-the-pits-time passes and you’ll feel comparably light and happy. Which begs the question, is the life-is-the-pits-because-I-have-too-much-to-do problem really a problem? Probably not. Especially if it’s only lasted 48 hours.

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