I’m running myself into the ground and pushing every deadline there is! SOS! To complicate matters, it is hotter than Taiwan in my house right now. But, I’m not unhappy because tonight I snuck in Booche’s (a great burger joint) in CoMO before having to go start thinking about writing a paper. Also, Mom called. She cancelled our family trip to Bali and Taipei because of SARS and the fact that Indonesians hate Chinese people and American people in equal amounts, so the being Chinese American thing is not a desirable mix. Instead we are taking a ten day, six country trip to Europe, hitting up The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, England and Germany. I should be back in time for the one class I have to take in June in order to technically graduate.

I did make some progress on the rockumentary, though not on account of anything I actually did…I got the still b/w photos of last Wednesday’s gig so we can render them into the title credits. Here’s Patrick, (L) and Ryan Collins (R).

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