Me first is my roomate Amy’s blog, which I am contributing to by adding to its traffic. Enjoy.

Fifteen days of school left until graduation. I am mired in outlandishly large undertakings which I may never actually finish. This documentary has a hold of me and I can’t seem to make any progress in the academic arena, the arena in which I actually NEED to perform. I compare my current situation to having an extremely messy room, (which is literally the case as well), and not being able to clean it because there’s just so much crap to do that one doesn’t know where to begin.

So, I will sit here on my ab ball – my cheap chair finally broke and my ab ball is the perfect height AND strengthens my core muscles – and think about my looming projects instead of actually WORKING on them. But below is a picture I took of “tap day” ceremonies here at Mizzou….

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