My face is showing signs of not sleeping. I looked at myself in the mirror at 4:30 this morning and thought, Dang. There is no amount of makeup that is going to help this situation.

Therefore, there will be no picture dated 4.24.03 posted.SORRY.

Speaking of pictures, last night was my final documentary shooting, at a local bar. The acoustics in there were fab, and the band played the best Ive seen them so far. Lead singer and my friend Ryan Collins had seven beers and was showing it, but the performance still went off well. My favorite part of the evening was having three men with cameras shooting the performance. Haag on his mini DV, Stacey Woelfel on DVC Pro, and a still photographer shooting on black and white film so I have good individual shots of the band members for the opening credits of the documentary.

Every night I’ve been editing and writing the film – it’s thirty minutes long and editing is a long, arduous process. So it’s going to be a few more weeks of long nights in the edit bay until it’s all over.

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