HOLY SMOKES. In line with this going-out-every-possible-chance-we-can-get-before-graduation-operation, about a dozen of us went to the Berg tonight for what has now been dubbed, “Booze-day Tuesday’s.” Chris Becker had one….pitcher, and as usual I had none…of anything, but when we left around 1, he drove, since he drove us there and usually has a pitcher and drives. Ok that didn’t sound wise or anything, and we sure learned a lesson, when after making a right turn without signaling, ol buddy Chris gets pulled over.

Mr. Condescending Cop first just takes Chris’ ID to write him a ticket for the signal incident, but then returns and asks Chris where we’d been this evening – a bar, Chris says. Then he asks Christ to get out of the car and take a bunch of crazy sobriety tests, all of which Chris was able to pass. But then, a second cop pulls up and brings a breathalizer, and Chris had to take THAT test too. I was sitting there on the verge of peeing my pants, but kept praying God would save Chris’ booty, basically. And he passed. By one one-hundreth of a point. Again, Holy Smokes. He then gets off without a ticket for the original infraction as well. THis isn’t without a bunch of lecturing, to which Chris was sort of sarcastic and argumentative about, but gee whiz, he was SO fortunate not to have gotten in more trouble, i.e. taken off in handcuffs.

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