Mexico, Missouri

Whoa, so xanga was down for a few days, eh? Im back on track now. Eh, Patrick came over last night and he played his new songs for me, and we collaborated on the lyrics for one of them. It is called “The Space Shuttle Song.” We rock.

I spent the day yesterday in Mexico, Missouri. My friend Garren went with me to shoot part one of a series Im writing and producing on the threat of black mold. So we went to this woman’s raw sewage/mold infested apartment to shoot her performing a test for mold. THAT STUFF WAS DISGUSTING and breathing the air inside the apartment became frightening….I kept seeing visions of myself in bed as a result of pneumonia or something from being in that place.

AH! And Mariah Carey is on Dateline talking about her emotional breakdown right now. It was probably because her clothes were too tight for all those years after her divorce.

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