I am working the desk shift at KOMU right now, where NOTHING is going on. We are scraping for news, as reporter Billy Klug says. I seem to be the most inept desk worker EVER though, dashing all my dreams of being a temp for the rest of my life. I can’t even figure out how to transfer calls, so I make the people that are supposed to just get their calls transfered to them walk up to the desk to just get their phone calls because of my ineptitude.

I have been web surfing, and found Brendan Smialowski’s website. He was in my black freedom movement class (the one i dropped), is a photojournalist/student here at the J school, and takes some cool pics. I am posting this one because it has a TV reporter sticking a mike in the face of outgoing Senator Jean Carnahan’s face and it reminded me of the day we were there, the day she barely lost the election. On that particular day I ran into Brendan, the dude who took this shot, and asked him to take pictures of me and Alexis doing our live shots, but when time came he must have been outside taking this fabulous picture instead.

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