Whoaaa….so Ive sort of been sleeping all day! Jimmie and I spent the weekend in Nassau and Paradise Island, but not before seeing the Eminem movie first! Picked up Jim from the airport and then met Ryan and company for this strange acoustic pianist concert, where I couldnt really stay still to watch it so we left and took Ryan with us to go see Eminem battle it out.

In the Bahamas we spent our time eating conch (a new fave seafood of mine), haggling the islanders in the markets, laying out on the beach because it was sunny and in the 80s (read: happiness), biking up and down the strip, and otherwise wandering around acting childlike. I kept telling jimmie how perfect a vacation it was and i meant it! They dont call it paradise for nothin.

Now that I am back and it is about 32 outside, I am fighting from falling into a cold weather induced malaise! Brrrrr. A reporter called me today to talk about my study abroad experience in Taipei, another tropical paradise type place, and that brought back some fine memories also! Hot dang.

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  1. It’s always 80 in Tucson…  until after Thanksgiving.  From what I remember last year I started to freeze my butt off real quick the week after.  Glad to hear you guys had a fun trip.  Wear a big jacket!

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