New House

So, I just wrote a butt long entry that didn’t post but didnt save on my screen either, which makes me uninspired to rewrite it.

In which case I will basically just run down the only interesting thing that happened today. My mom calls from Taipei, where she will be for the next few months, and says, “I bought a house today.” Totally impulsive, totally random, totally characteristic of my mom. She said that even though she won’t be living in it after another few months, maybe some member of the Hu household will need a place to live sometime down the road and now we have a house there to fill that need. I think it’s like buying a hummer for a sports car lover just in case one day he decides he wants to maul over some stuff, but whatever. One time my mom and dad bought a new car on their way back from Chicago because the car that they took broke down and needed to get fixed but since they didn’t want to bother waiting they just got a new Jeep instead. And they wonder how Roger (my brother) and I ended up so random.

Dan and I studied at the old CK after I spent hours transcribing interviews from Saturdays shoot as well as going over the footage with Haag and Stacey up at the station.

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