Rockumentary Making

Whoa, yesterday I drove to St. Louis and back because Im shooting a “rockumentary,” an MTV’s Diary meets Behind the Music type thing about thiis band that Ryan Collins is in. Andrew Haag, my photog and friend since like senior year (we both lived in Dallas), came with me and we ended up getting some good stuff.

When I got back around eight I had to look at the tape but then went to my friend Michael’s where his frat dude roomies were having a get together type ordeal….it was fine and all, and then they started trying to set the toilet on fire. At which point Michael was like, “Um, do you sort of feel like you are smarter than all these people?” (a problem that he must grapple with since he lives with two of them,) and I thought perhaps a rock may think he/she/it was smarter than those people, so I headed back home….

At which point my roomate wanted to go to her friend Steve’s party, so our other friend, Holly and I both went with her, but Steve’s party was more like four girls and three guys playing “Cranium,” so we stayed about 10 minutes. It would have been five, but we were being polite.

Headed to another girl’s party, whose last name is Hedge, actually. WHAT a last name. Anyway, a few friends of mine were there so it was ok, and we actually stayed awhile.

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