Writing my Paper and Not Writing my Paper

All right, so the other night in between not writing my paper and not writing my paper, I was having a messenger conversation with Jim, and since I was a little jacked up on the Advil cold and sinus, I started particpating in his online “flow” battles, where we write lyrics to songs or raps or something. I don’t know if I regret it or not, because I’m still a bit confused as to how I got involved with it all in the first place.

I did turn in the paper though, and it made no sense, come on, lets be honest here, right. Perhaps I put my writing sensibilities into the wrong thing on Wednesday night – where they should have been working to make something that was worth 30% my grade a decent, readable paper, they were put to work writing raps in cyberspace.

Oh, but I digress. And to digress some more, Ive been counting down the days till I hit up the Bahamas. And I wanted to send a shout out to Bryan “Muckfasa” Mathews, who was kind enough to call the other night and say hello, and this time it wasn’t a drunk dial-up.

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