Ab Class

I have nothing really interesting to write about, except that I went and took this ab class with these two frat guy friends of mine, Matt and Derek, and they both got pissed fifteen minutes in the middle of it because the instructor decided to make us do some push ups. Matt was like, “This isn’t working on my abs! I’m leaving.” And true to frat boy form, Derek followed him out. I later caught them running on the treadmill, almost completely in sync.

I havent gotten around to this paper I keep saying I’m about to start writing. It is due tomorrow, so I expect to start sometime before it’s due. Oh, and I got a cute picture of my second cousins, Nick and Ethan, that I thought I’d share….

One thought on “Ab Class

  1. Write about me, Write about me!  It was nice talk’n to ya yesterday.  Keep in touch.  Oh yeah, I hear you’re goin on some big trip w/ Jimbo.  Hope you guys have fun.  Let me know when you wanna come visit the Arizona side of things 😉

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