Weird Phase

Er, I’m just procrastinating… I have to write a ten pager on the partisan press, which, come on, lets be honest, I don’t care about. But I feel so hopelessly guilty about what happened with the professor for this class Im writing the paper for that I’m putting pressure on myself to do a decent job.

Saturday night I sat down and tried to prioritize. I basically sat down and attempted to list what was important to me, things I wanted to do at some point in my life, etc etc. Now I’m really sort of freaked out because after May’s graduation everything is just wide open. I’m also going through this weird phase, (at least I REALLY hope its a phase) where I’m obsessed with getting married – not that I have anyone to marry or anything.

AH! and DAMN! i forgot to mention that I was sitting there this morning doing my make up when I had this frightening thought that I FORGOT TO DO A PAGE OF THE FULBRIGHT APPLICATION…so i checked my xerox copy and whaddya know, I DID. OK so my fulbright hopes are dashed now. bah!

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