So Mizzou LOST, but for the first time this season, the Rams WON.

Patrick, Ryan Collins and I watched the game over in St. Louis. I went into town last night after having lunch with Sam, er, Dr. Ruhmkorff, my old ethics professor. It was wonderful to see him and chat with him after almost two years. He is a thoughtful, hilarious guy who also happens to be a GENIUS!! Woo hoo. People with insanely high IQs always fascinate me.

During the day yesterday a bunch of my friends got together to watch the MU game on pay per view at Buffalo Wild Wings, where my friend James, who turned 21, had about 11 shots within the first half of the game. I slipped away for the lunch with Sam, and then afterward, when people were puking by oh, one pm, Amanda came over and we made two batches of pan chocolate chip cookies from scratch. They ended up turning out delightfully…

Driving to St. Louis wasn’t so fun because of the bad weather and low visibility, not to mention the large semi’s that can’t seem to share the road, but after I got there I had dinner with Ryan and Patrick, we chilled at Starbucks, and watched the first version of Red Dragon, Manhunter, on DVD. It sucked so bad I started picturing weird things in my head to amuse myself and ended up with a mad case of the giggles for about two hours.

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