In Retrospect I Spent Too Much Time With Ryan and Ryan

I worked a long day at the station today, and we shot a little story about the assistant fire chief returning to Columbia after a year away as part of the Coast Guard Reserve.

I thought it went better than I thought it would, and having everyone I knew around the newsroom was comfortable.

As Derek, who played photographer today, and I sat in a Sonic waiting for our interview I got a message from Ryan Collins saying he’s in town just for today and tonight. It was an awesome suprise, but I knew I had to work until one in the morning. By the afternoon I’d gotten the script for the story done and became ancy to spend time with him so I left around 8 to meet some grad school guys and girls at a bar called Widman’s.

Ryan Merlo turned 22 today, and he stopped to have a drink at the bar before leaving to sleep – working at the station from 4am gets rough. Ryan Collins and I stayed up ever since that, watching stupid movies and eating ice cream.

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