Ryan Squared

Ummmm, so my email is not working. I feel crippled.

Anyhoo, we lost the MU v OU game last night but going to the game was fun. I complain about being here in mid Missouri a lot, but there are moments when I really love it – times like the football games, because big 12 football is taken so seriously. It seriously wouldn’t be the same if I were at, say, Pepperdine.

Amanda and I went to the game and met up with six boys, who were fun to be with, but half were grad students, who I think all suffer from grad student syndrome, as Stacey calls it. It’s the disease where grad students think they are too good for anyone else, say, for instance, undergrades. Friday night Ryan and Ryan (who had fun drunkenly referring to themselves as Ryan squared) Amy, Justin and I went to this crowded college bar called Shiloh and had a good time – ran into lots of familiar faces who were drunk.

The important part was that I did have a chance to hang out with Ryan Collins a lot this week before he left today – he’s going to come back next semester but it looks like he’ll be gone for a good while until then.

Things are getting better because this was the first weekend since school started that I actually had the whole weekend here in Columbia to just not do anything news related…at all. It felt awkward last night when it was Saturday morning and I wasn’t at the broadcast lab getting my gear, but rather at a girlfriends’ house baking cookies from scratch. Woo hoo!!!

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