American Beauty and Sandwiches

Weirdest week. I finally got the Fulbright turned in AND I’m not quite failing broadcast II so I feel like I’ve gotten to sort of decompress this week. And it’s been really awesome.

Ryan and Ryan came over and watched American Beauty and ate sandwiches with me last night and it was so chill, I mean, we didn’t have much to complain about or somewhere else we HAD TO be and stuff like that….its sort of shocking and weird for me. But I have to say that last week’s decision to drop my Black Freedom Movement class was the best decision I’ve made this school year.

It was hilarious today though because Ryan Collins and I tried to take this ab class, a thirty minute long workout that we used to be able to handle, but haven’t been there in five weeks, so uh, we were like making faces and cracking up the whole time cause everything was soooo impossibly difficult. Whatever.

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