Rivers and Corn Fields

Ummmm, so Friday night was great but not stellar, only because I had a great time with this dude but the dude didn’t like ask me out again….oh well.

This weekend was hilarious, because I had to cover a Missouri River clean up, so I drove these dusty country roads through corn fields and everything to the river bank, where I got to go with another camera crew out on a boat into the river. It was a breezy, sunny fall day and we were just floating down the river together having good conversation. Great times. Things turned murkier when I realized i was under extreme time pressure to get my gear returned, and that my video probably was yellow because of a technical problem, and that I was stuck in the middle of the river without cell phone service.

I McGyver’ed it off the boat and onto a barge with the camera in one arm and clinging to the outer railing of the barge with the other hand. Still, I was late to bring the camera back so went speeding down the gravel paved road at around 40mph, which was apparenty too fast to brake, because when I did try to slow down my car spun out and into a corn field. There is now a small piece of beemer hanging off from underneath it. Couldnt worry about it, because I had to check the camera back in and then back out to head the 30 minutes out to the river again, to shoot my stand up, the part where I do the talking.

I was muddy, sweaty and tired, and I looked that way on camera too. Oh well. My friend Garren went with me and on our way back we rocked out to Kelly Clarkson’s new single, so it was an all in all good time.

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