Quarterlife Crisis

I wrote a story for VOX Magazine, which is a part of the area paper, The Columbia Missourian on the quarterlife crisis…but they put my name in there as Ellis Hu. I am now a boy. But whatever.

It’s been a sad week, actually. One of my closest friends, Ryan Collins, just took off on Wednesday for St. Louis. He’s decided to take the semester off. I was just stunned, because he never said anything about that before he left. This broadcast Journalism business is really getting to what seems like everyone lately.

I have to shoot a river cleanup on Saturday. I hope it doesn’t “disappoint” Greeley (the teacher) like my last story did. Yep, he says, “Elise Hu, I’m disappointed.” That’s stellar for the self esteem, let me tell ya.

This week has been nuts though, because I am turning in the dozen page fulbright app on Friday and broadcast II hasnt slowed down …in fact it has gotten worse… and then in my personal life things like Ryan leaving has just sucked.

Talked to my high school friend Greg Katzmann today, who came up here to Mizzou from Plano for this ass-kicking (literally) J school also. It’s always great to chat with a Dallas connection.

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