Collins (not Merlo)

Last night ended up being a lot of fun….Ryan Collins (not Merlo) and I spent the whole day together because we were shooting our next news packages, which are due tomorrow for him and Wed for me. I went to this motorcycle show with him and he and his friend Nate came with me to a fall festival thing, where I found a 94 year old lady to do my story around.

I knocked out the written copy of it by around four and then watched Sex and the City with my roommate and his friend until meeting Ryan and Nate again for church around seven. The problem was that I was early and they were late, so I found my old friend Jarrett instead and we chatted before the service began. I have to admit it wasn’t the best church service I’ve ever been to, or even on the upper third of the list, but the fellowship was great. Found Ryan and Nate afterwards, and met some great new people, and our fellow broadcast journalists like Matt Fleener and Carissa Hauck were there as well, so we planned to do something together but instead it was just Ryan and me who went to dinner….had a great chat and was home by midnight. A stress-free, beautiful day!

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