Independent Study

I thought this picture was great. My mom sent it to me a few months ago – she works for the Taiwanese equivalent of the State Dept and sometimes she just doesn’t feel like being productive (hmm that’s where I got that from) and looks for funny dog pics on the internet. This dog sorta looks like my doggie, Saidee, but its a little fatter. (It must be all the alcohol.)

Anyhoo, so I couldn’t get up this morning after all the studying at Country Kitchen last night….there ended up being seven of us. We studied til late and after the test this morning everyone came out of it feeling pretty good, I think. My broadcast II package didn’t end up being the 60-something I thought it was going to be, so I was happy to see that. More than anything it was a relief, because I was really starting to lose heart.

Ryan Collins and I had lunch at Shakespeare’s, the local pizza place, and then I spent the afternoon at the station putting on makeup, basically. I’m taking this independent study class with my professor Stacey, whose assignment for me this week was to put on make up and try it under the lights. I have to say I love his class.

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