Super Conversational

Ok so what should I do about my missing chatterbox? Someone help me!!!

Man, I read my friend Crystal’s xanga site and she has these fun days where she has nothing to do and goes and buys ice cream and plays with her dog and watches soaps and it upsets me because I have days like today. Let’s go through Elise’s Thursday, since this is my self-indulgence web log anyway.

Got up around seven. Agreed to meet Ryan to do some reading for our quiz this morning at 8 at the Bread Company, and then at 8:30 had to get to the “student success center” to sign a contract for this program I have to be a part of as a condition of one of my scholarships. Then headed to class at 9:30, where we were quizzed on the part of the body where we needed to use the most in order to resonate. Yes, thats right. So at 11 I grabbed lunch with Knez and the ‘berg, this pretty generic American fare restaurant and bar across the street from the J school, my home away from home.

From after lunch until 12:30 I holed myself up in the basement of the J school working on my attention-deprived Fulbright proposal, which is due about next week. Yeah, TOTALLY needed the attention. Luckily, my old philosophy professor Sam spent some serious time on revising it for me all the way in Massachusetts and sent me his comments. Gotta love awesome professors.

At 12:30 I had my History of Journalism class, which I only fell asleep twice in this time. I am amazed at the low number of instances, actually, because the entire 1.5 hour class was devoted to the telegraph. Following this, I went to the International Center to have my proposal and curriculum vitae for the fulbright reviewed by the advisor, who spent many years in Taiwan herself.

She thought my writing was too conversational. What the heck? I am having a writing identity crisis! The broadcast people are telling me to dumb down everything I write and be super conversational, and here’s Barbara combining my four sentences into ONE long one. Stayed there until about 3:30, and now I’m waiting for my 5:00 meeting with the Political Convergence team. We are working on creating a multimedia news site on the upcoming elections in Missouri which will combine the news resources of KBIA radio, KOMU-TV and the Columbia Missourian.

Afterwards, at 7:00, I will still be here at school, for a test review for my big Communications Law test tomorrow. After that a group of us are headin’ out to my fave, Country Kitchen, (basically a more expensive and more tacky rip off of Denny’s) to study all night. Those country skillets they have are quite excellent.

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