Where’s My Chatterbox

My chatterbox is missing! What the……

Anyway, there are annoying bugs in my room! I am getting bites everywhere! I think it’s because we ran a cable internet cord up from Amit’s room to mine through my window and there’s a teeny little crack that’s letting those bloodsucking mosquitoes in. If I get West Nile I am NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY.

Today I just decided to sleep on through Black Freedom Movement class because this week has been kicking my butt and we are watching a video. Yesterday’s video in History of American Journalism had me out like a rock before World War I, maybe just after reconstruction.

Ryan Merlo and I are going to the Sheryl Crow/Michelle Branch concert tonight before he heads home to LA for the weekend. Lucky duck. Ill be here shooting B-roll of Columbia’s Heritage Festival on Saturday.

I decided to add a picture of me working, since that’s what I’ve been doing with my life of late. My friend Stacey took this while I was working in his office.

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