Country Kitchen

Seven-ish here. At school, of course. At the broadcast lab, no doubt. Morale here is low. Low, low, low. The bright side is the nice camaraderie that has developed among the 30 of us or so that are all going through the indescribable hell that is selling our once abundant lives to the pursuit of quality journalism.

Today I got my eat on with Garren at one of the school cafeterias – it was grrreat! how come I didn’t like it at all when I lived on campus in the dorms? What a steal that dorm food is! Woo hoo. We spent the rest of the day shooting B roll (general video to back up our stories) and I think I remember going to class, but it feels like ages ago.

I’m headed to ol’ country kitchen tonight with Ryan Collins to study forever for our comm law test on Friday. We never actually study when we go there. I think the whole down home, rednecky atmosphere and soft rock playing in the background leads one off track. The eggs are good though.

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