Drenched Car

Today I drove back from St. Louis with Roger after spending the night there with mom before she headed back to Taipei. After getting home I left my sunroof open and an hour later the rain comes pouring down. Ten minutes after it started, I realized this, and went and shut my sunroof in my already drenched car.

Later in the afternoon Ryan and I went to the TV station because I needed a new tape for additional footage for a class assignment and the front desk chick was a geniuine jerk about it. Thankfully Ryan’s roomie was there and lent me his. We got some grief from the hospital dude saying I had no clearance to shoot there (even though I’ve already done a weeks worth of shooting there last week,) and I finally got permission to reshoot part of the video that my professor called straight up unsatisfactory.

Its been an intersting week, and Im glad its finally over. The pressure and frustration of the past week, I fear, has only begun.

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